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I started writing poetry in the summer of 1999. When I started High School that fall at Northampton High, I really got in to the whole aspect of poetry. It was the one writing format that did not have definitive rules about how to write, and put together a piece of art. so I fell in love with its concepts. while attending Northampton High I involved myself in poetry slams among other thing. When during the summer of my senior year of high school I move back to Colorado and took a class on poetry. I have continued to write since my Graduation in May 2003. I enjoy and love to continue this path to free expression through my arts.

Catrina W. 

dreams to reality and the future

This site has become a "Dream come True" for me. I have dreamed that one day I could share my artworks of all kinds to the world. I have tried to put up this website from time to time, never able to complete it. now I am glad to be able to present my most finest master pieces. from poetry to photography...from music to painting; This site is dedicated to art in all its shapes and forms. so come and read, enjoy visually moving as well as motivational works of art. even add your name to the list or go to the forum.(for those that have there own pieces...contact me and i will try to add you)

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Catrina W. 

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Catrina W.